Routine eye exams are essential for maintaining good eye health through prevention and early detection. You or your child's complete examination will reveal any eye problems, even hidden ones you may not be aware of, and update your eyeglass prescription.

  • Vision Test:  Measures and evaluates your visual acuity for distance, computer, and reading and the benefits of glasses and/or contacts.
  • Prescription:  Evaluation for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and the benefits of glasses and/or contact lenses.
  • Visual Efficiency:  Evaluations of visual tracking, eye teaming skills, focusing flexibility for maximum performance at school, work, and leisure activities.  
  • Visual Function:  Tests aimed at evaluating depth perception, color vision, and peripheral vision.
  • Ocular Health:  Detection for presence of cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension, macular degeneration, and other ocular & systemic diseases.   

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